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What happens when you click “Download vSphere Client for Windows”

Have you ever wonder how the vSphere Client for Windows is getting downloaded when you click  “Download vSphere Client for Windows” ?


  • Inside ESXi host there is an XML file called “clients.xml” which is located at /usr/lib/vmware/hostd/docroot/client .
  • This file is having the download link for the vsphere client, http://vsphereclient.vmware.com/vsphereclient/VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0.exe.
  • When you click on the hyperlink for the download, this file is being called for downloading the client

    root@test-ESXi:/usr/lib/vmware/hostd/docroot/client] cat clients.xml


    <clientConnection id=”0000″>










  • This is not going to help us in any way . ( This is just a fun activity )