Disk Utilization of VCSA 6 is 80%

There are scenarios where the VCSA partitions will become highly utilized time to time,

The current scenario is  /dev/sda3 11G 8.3G 1.9G 82%  reached 82 % . This will not cause any issue until the complete space is used on the partition.  To avoid the failure of the vcenter server in the future I fixed the issue as below,

  • At very first I was planning to extend the disk size of the vcsa by following the KB2126276
  • But later checked the partition and found that the audit logs consuming the considerable amount of storage on the /dev/sda3 ,

             test-vc1:var/log # du -Sh * | sort -rh | head -n 15 2.6G audit

  • I have rotated the audit log on the vcsa 6.0

test-vc1:/var/log # cd /etc/logrotate.d/
test-vc1:/etc/logrotate.d # logrotate audit

  • After rotating audit logs the usage had come down to 59%



This is one of the solutions for fixing the issue.


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